Originally from South Africa, I started meddling with serious photography in the '90s when I purchased an entry level Pentax film SLR. Using this camera, I spent a few years exploring and teaching myself photography in its basic, raw form, learning the art of developing B+W film negatives and making prints in a dark room. Being a student at the time, the cost of film and developing proved prohibitive and forced me to scale down my photography ambitions for a few years to follow.

Once digital photography started taking off in a meaningful way, I started exploring its possibilities again in 2007, when I made the switch to both digital and the Nikon system, and was hooked ever since. My fascination, and new-found freedom with this media, coupled with the rise of digital darkroom technology, took off to a point where photography is now a passion of mine.

My work is inspired by a fascination with the feminine beauty and the way that light enhances that beauty, I don't like to label my work because I like to incporporate styles from various genres such as portraiture and glamour but my work primarily leans toward the fashion and beauty side.

Sometimes the most technically proficient photographer is not always the best photographer. What makes a great photograph? It is one which goes beyond being technically flawless. It connects with its viewer and speaks to its viewer. The litmus test is this: does the photograph create an emotional impact? Does it rise above being merely interesting? Does it instill a mood? You can’t reach that level in photography through technical competence alone, you have to have an emotional connection to the subject and have the artistic ability to interpret, re-create, and present it in print.